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Our Company Overview

Over the experience of 150+ projects in UAE, Nuvac EMC is a local defense approved contractor for the provision of internationally approved and tested passive fire protection systems. As always, Nuvac aims to one day save lives and buildings from fire. We specialize in fire stopping and expansion joints.Our team is equipped to provide and implement advanced firestopping solutions to meet your project needs. We have local civil defense certification and ISO. Our staff / technical team is experienced in providing passive fire safety on over 100+ projects, including successful completion of high-rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings, substations, bus depots and villas. On the inspection / survey site condition and MEP drawings provide the outstanding / exceptional solutions in compliance with your project specifications and CIAE fire and life safety code of practice DCD.

Our core Attributes

Modernised fire stop solutions.
Economical custom built solutions.
Premium fire stop products.
Well experienced technicians.
On time delivery.
Maintenance and supervision.
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Nuvac Electro Mechanical established in 2019 to develop smart fire protective solutions.

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We will never change our focus to protect people, assets and buildings against fire.

Powerful Performance


We have successfully completed 100+ projects of fire stopping in last one year.

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Fire protection is essential part of our life, which is installed by trained professionals.

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Our Services

Specifiers, designers, managers, contractors & installers will help from one source.

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Our team members are our greatest asset and are truly the lifeblood of our company.

Product Specifications

Products used by Nuvac Electro Mechanical to protect buildings from fire.

FR Acrylic

FR Acrylic is the best selling fire rated mastic in our product selection. Because it was developed and tested, it can be used in almost all firestoping situations with very few exceptions. This eliminates the need to carry with you many different firestoping mastic on the construction site. Additionally, this FR sealant is used in conjunction with the Protect FR board. This combines with the best fire rating on the market to make the product unique. FR acrylic is tested with a variety of penetrations in a variety of constructions, and the Class EI240 is a CE-marked sealant for fire-rated joints and penetrations. This firestopping mastic will also maintain the acoustic design.

Fr Graphite

FR Graphite is a high specification formulation designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases by opening on fire rated walls and floors. FR Graphite is designed to seal difficult services that traditional fire-rated mastic does not achieve, such as large plastic pipes. This firestoping product can be used on transients more intense than FR acrylic, for example cable trays and plastic pipes up to EI180 Ø110 mm. FR graphite expands when exposed to fire and opens around infiltration when flammable or low-temperature molten material burns. FR graphite expands when exposed to fire and opens around infiltration when flammable or low-temperature molten material burns.

Fr Board

The FR board consists of a high density rock wool board that is coated with fire retardant paint on one or both sides depending on where the fire ceiling is to be placed. Rock wool is designed to keep the temperature down, while fire retardant paint is designed to prevent fire and hot gases from flowing through the mineral wool board. Currently, this is the most common fire sealing method, as it is a quick way to close large and / or complex fire seals when the fitter has some experience in the system. Measurements have shown that you often spend only half the time compared to a traditional mortar system and that it can be used in damp areas and outdoors.

Fr Wrap

Fr wrap contains a plastic-coated graphite-based swell that reacts with heat, filling the chambers resulting from the penetration of the molten plastic in the event of a fire. It can be used for plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE ABS, Alupex), bundles of plastic pipes and cable bundles with or without cables. The pipe wrap is placed on the wall or floor around the piercing with the attached sticker. It can also be attached to our FR board. Available in the following sizes: 55mm, 82mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm. Fr wrap is wrapped around the wall or floor by piercing it with an attached sticker. It may also be fitted in our FR Board.

Ex Mortar

Ex mortar is a dry white powder containing unorganized components and perlite. When water is added, a rigid thermal fire sealing compound is used to seal the fire through the penetrating walls and floors. Mortar expands by about 1% during hardening, so infiltration and sealing of walls and floors. The mortar will harden to about 1050 kg / m3 of dry compound, which will sand and erode. This mortar is well designed to make it easy to build fire ceilings on walls and floors. It has been tested for all types of penetrations in all types of construction and can be combined with cable transit, collar and pipe wrap.It can also be laid on floors with post-tensioned steel.